VOTE [AIT2] aptosyyw

Hello family and friends, I am Gary from Romania . Nice to meet you all on the APTOS forum. Yes, I am in touch with the blockchain in 2021. I am a rookie, but I am very interested in cryptocurrencies, especially in the construction of public chain infrastructure. This time, I was also invited by my brother to participate in the node test of our project. So I’m very excited and excited about this test. Like you, I hope to be selected. Too bad there are only 200 places. But don’t be sad, at least we won’t regret it if we participate and build. If you participate, there will be opportunities and there will be hope. I believe that even if it is not selected, the project party will not forget the friends who participated in the test. In the future, let us continue to build him and make APTOS better. It is also a good experience for us to grow and harvest together.Finally, vote for your own node, please give me: [AIT2] aptosyyw vote for your favorite. Thank you very much here for your support and friends. Welcome to exchange learning My account:
Thank you :heart_eyes: