Vooi Airdrop - Brand New Layer 2 Stable Swap DEX

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1. Introduction:

Vooi.io is Disruptive Stable coin swap DEX for layer 2. You can swap stable coin on your favorite L2 networks with the lowest possible slippage and provide liquidity with just a click to earn.

2. Baking & Funding

  • What project Does: Stable coin swap on L2
  • Baked by: TBA
  • Raised: TBA
  • Airdrop: 100%, incentivized Testnet is live

3. IMP Data of the Task

  • Deadline: 24.8.2024
  • Expense: 0$
  • Chain: Taiko Testnet
  • Condition: You must have “HUMAN” Role in TAIKO Discord channel.
  • Twitter: @vooi_io
  • Join Discord:

4. Task:

  1. Get Sepolia ETH Faucet: Alchemy Faucet
  2. Bridge ETH from sepolia testnet to Taiko Testnet: Taiko Bridge

  1. Go to Vooi.io > connect your wallet (TAIKO) > Click on “Get tokens”


  1. Perform some stable coin swap. (set aggressive gas fees for fast transaction)

  1. Go to Galxe campaign, complete task, and claim OAT

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