VirtuSwap Airdrop!

A complete overview of Virtuswap which is a decentralized exchange that aims to enable trading in small-cap assets while saving on trading fees, lowering gas costs, and lowering price impact. It is built on polygon PoS first, zkEVM second, and other EVM networks in the future.

Mainnet launch and step-by-step procedure to check if you’re eligible for the INITIUM airdrop

Over $3 trillion worth of value has been exchanged since DEXes were first created. DEXes, however, still only account for 10% of all cryptocurrency trading. We are all aware that DEX has a bright future ahead of it and also solve important and painful problems in DEX world.
The maximum number of $VRSW in circulation is 1,000,000,000. The community of VirtuSwap will receive 60% of all tokens.
The rewards are greater for early adopters as the majority of these funds are released on an algorithmic, deflationary schedule

So let get in to it
Simply go here
connect your wallet and check eligibility

Eligibility criteria for the airdrop:

  • An indirect trade on Ethereum or Polygon worth more than $100.
  • LP deposits on Ethereum or Polygon.

Note: Only transactions made between May 1st, 2022, and May 1st, 2023, are eligible.

Don’t worry if you’re not eligible for this airdrop
VirtuSwap has a contest where you can win more $VRSW
zealy link : Zealy - Join the movement
make an effort to finish all of your tasks
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