VirtuSwap Airdrop

Virtuswap, a Dex on the Polygon network recently launched their token along with an #Airdrop.

Here is how to check whether you are eligible and claim the native $VRSW token.

A thread guide🧵

Before we start note that none of this is financial advice and also do your own research before you make any move.

Virtuswap is currently in the testnet stage with the mainnet expected by the end of May.

They plan to launch on Polygon, Polygon zkEVM, and the Ethereum network.

Virtuswap is a dex that aims to enable trading in small-cap assets other than the top 5 ones.

With this, they intend to save on trading fees, lower the gas, and lower the price impact.

It is backed by the leaders at Polygon including Sandeep Nailwal.

Partners include Kyberswap, Parsiq, and Kima Finance.

They have also introduced “reserve-based virtual pools” which make trades direct and save on fees.

And also, “Minera Network”, an AI-based engine for calculating the optimal liquidity allocation.

Now before we talk about tokenomics, let’s see how to claim the airdrop and what the eligibility criteria are.

:crystal_ball: Eligibility criteria:

  • Indirect trade on Ethereum or Polygon. (100$+)
  • LP deposits on Ethereum or Polygon.

:helicopter: How to claim if eligible.

:coin: About the token:

  • The token $VRSW will be used for the governance process, staking, etc.
  • The total supply will be 1,000,000,000.
  • 4000 $VRSW will be the max allocation per airdrop recipient.

More Details:

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