VIP Founding Member NFTs

Dear Community,
The mint of our SeaShrine Founding Member VIP NFT is still live.
For those who have never heard of us we could mainly say that SeaShrine is brought to you by the same team behind Ebisu’s Bay, the leading NFT Exchange on Cronos — Chain.
Our goal is to bring the Gold Standard of NFT marketplaces to Aptos. Our success in building out the largest marketplace on Cronos is directly transferable to our new platform, and part of that success was aided by our Founding Member VIP NFTs.
There are multiple reasons as to why you might want to mint one of the VIP FM:
:label: 50% reduced fees
:balance_scale: Earn a portion of the platform fees
:parachute: Potential external airdrops
:dollar: 20% SeaShrine tokens split across holders

We know we are the first project to launch a mint in the Aptos ecosystem, but we came here to provide the Aptos community with the best-in-class market experience they deserve, and we believe that being first movers is always beneficial, but being first shippers is even better.

In thanking you, we also leave all the links at the bottom of the post to follow our social profiles and Mint our FM NFT!

Link To Mint: SeaShrine
Official Channels: Sea Shrine | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree

Sincerely, The SeaShrine Team


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