Videos about Move Language . Let's learn!

We already have a massive community and there are a lot of loyal fans in it :raised_hands:

Everybody like to launch nodes :star_struck: :blush:
But there are still a lot of interesting things :slight_smile:
Let’s learn something new :wink:


My suggestions
Make educational videos (and more content) about Move Language !
I think that we need a help from brave guys with that task - Movers or somebody from Aptos team !

New language - New features
For example, everybody can check the search request on YouTube about Solidity language (Ethereum smart contracts)
And then search about Move language - and there are no info there …

≈Video plan
Explaining what is it «move language» ?
Videos from wallet developers ?
First steps how to code?

I think it will be very interesting to many people from our community
Education! Smart community - excellent indicator
Learning together - is a great interaction
We can attract more talented people, they will come themselves when they saw interesting activity and prospects of our project !
And this is a completely different level!!! Who else did this before Aptos ?

All we need - some smart, brave professionals and a little time! And don’t worry about translations to other languages ! It’s easy to adapt !

Feels free to comment below, I want to hear all your suggestions and thoughts


We see that the team is looking for developers and it’s about how to learning Move too

  1. Need a series of video lessons with a step-by-step guide like- How to write your own Smart contract by steps

  2. We need a series of interviews with the team and videos highlighting all the advantages and prospects of development on Aptos

  3. Another option is to develop a training course with some existing platform (educational), it is possible to discuss promo payments for each person who has completed the course so that it is profitable for the platform to promote it


I suggested early will make free video course (on Udemy or Freecodecamp) It will be great for newcomer . But we need professional developer. @james will think about this idea. something like that (solidity)


Good work !! We need to cooperate with more coordinators and contributors in this task !!! It’s not event for one day ) Thanks !! Let’s work and discuss further!


Full support for your suggestion, this should be done for sure:

I propose the following organization for it:

  1. Explaining what is it «move language» & advantages
  2. Review the resources & available open source code
  3. Example with the creation and deployment of a smart contract

Fully support your suggestion. The problem I see here is scarcity of materials (videos, guides, articles, and etc.) on Move in comparison with other programming languages, for instance Solidity. That’s the place where the assistance from the team can be helpful and valuable.


Absolutely right !!! Btw it’s our common idea with @crnepos
Real problem is scarcity of info (
We really need to cooperate with some who already have a vision . Or we need help from team …


@james I’m listening Sui AMA now , and their team talked about Move language and how to code all AMA time … When a talked about Move learning in my topic at forum I mean something like that , that Aptos team need to make Ama about perspectives of that language
It will be really interesting to our community I think … I thought Aptos will be first who will start that activity and illuminating that language for the masses


@versace1017 Hey, thanks for sharing your perspective!

We have weekly move-mondays ~ office hours about Move with our team.

Submit Questions

Check out this forum thread, and please let us know any feedback on how to improve our Q&A sessions. You can also bring up general questions about Move here: Questions


Yes we have the best Move Mondays calls
But there we are talking about Aptos , and less about Move
I’m just trying to say that we would like to hear more about the technical part
Maybe Workshop with team… There is absolutely no information about this language on the whole Internet


Very cool idea! :gem:

Since the Move programming language is the heart of Aptos, what everyone will communicate in (programs, etc.), it is very important to let the community understand the basics of this programming language and tell its advantages. :handshake:


That’s a good job


MOVE lang too complicated, nobody understands it :frowning:

nice idea and good job