Very interesting

Michael Saylor’s journey with Bitcoin has been a rollercoaster :roller_coaster:. He boldly entered the market between $50k and $20k, drawing some chuckles.

But guess what?

He diligently averaged his buying price down to $29k.

Then came the big BTC dip to $15.4k.

The naysayers piped up, doubting his strategy and even wishing for his liquidation. :roll_eyes:

Fast forward to today, and Michael Saylor is sitting pretty with a jaw-dropping $750 million in gains! :fire:

It just goes to show, in the crypto world, it’s all about playing the long game. :moneybag::gem:#Bitcoin #HODLing


Holding fam​:ox::ox::writing_hand:

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Hodl since 2021 :cow2:

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Holding let see what happens next

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Maasive wealth


Crypto will change my life for better and will be forever

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