Validator Yurii 🇺🇦


I have a lot of experience in researching and analysing various crypto projects since March 2020. I have found successful projects at the early stages of their development many times, for example, Goldfinch, Immutable X, and Moonriver.
I have worked in areas such as ICO/IDO, Ambassador programs, Defi, deploying nodes for various projects on my servers, and testing multiple platforms in the early stages of development. I have also studied different trading bots with different principles of work for a long time.

I am from the Ukraine and can communicate in English and Ukrainian.

Telegram: @Yurii_Mazurenko
Discord: @Служебный Роман Андреевич#9614

The vast majority of the servers used the Linux system.
I mostly used Docker for my work.
I use Grafana for structured monitoring of all my systems.

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