Validator Yuliia from Poland

Hello! My name is Yullia, I’m from Warsaw.
I have been servicing nodes for 1 year now. I enjoy participating in the testnet.

I keep nodes in promising projects and try to help them develop their project. Some projects where I keep nodes:
Masa Finance, Massa, Starknet, Sui, Kyve

For nodes, I only use trusted VPS/VDS providers to keep them running smoothly.

I always keep the node up and running, monitor the load on the server, update in a timely manner and quickly troubleshoot. Every newbie can always ask me something, and I will always help and explain to him what to do.

Aptos will have a reliable and time-tested validator!

contact :
Twitter - @Yuliia95126643
Telegram - @yuliia_zaikin
Discord - yuliia_zaikin#6630

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish.

I wish good luck to all participants!