Validator Selection Criteria in AIT3

What validator selection criteria do you think the team uses in AIT3?


Please sta tuned for more details about AIT3. Thanks for patience
And you are welcome to join todays Move Monday Aptos


As they threw off above, I think they will rely on the experience of past phases. But a more careful selection, because it’s not easy to choose another 200 people!)

that’s why I created a thread for discussions, so that people who got into the previous phases shared their experiences))

Nobody know it.
One can only assume

Expect an official announcement of information.

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Favourite hobby: read tea leaves :upside_down_face:

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We must try to be the best in everything, and then there will be no need to guess what criteria will be taken. Be with Aptos and Aptos will be with you


Facts !!!


what are the conditions for ait3

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We don’t yet but the selection process for AIT2 was guided by these criteria:

  • Diversity (Geographic / Hosting Provider)
  • Reputation
  • Protocol Success Alignment
  • Technical Competency

I am waiting for official information

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Any update on the official process? We have our node set up and waiting for further guidance.

Hey, there is no need to set up the node yet. More details about AIT3 coming soon, please stay tuned


more info should drop today in the annocucement channel/medium post i think

Lets wait for official announcement

i guess it’d be tough