Validator Olegbimoleg 💪

Hi. My name is Stepan.
We have a team of ten, which includes:
Web designer, project Manager and Full Stack developers, who have a great experience in programming, development, administration of Linux services and in security settings also.
We develop Web services to order and for personal use for more than 10 years.
Recently we started to study WEB 3.0. projects.
We are attracted your project and we think that it’s a very interesting and global idea.
We participated in the AIT1, but unfortunately we weren’t selected. But it didn’t stop us and we continued to follow the node Aptos devnet.
We hope that we will be selected to the AIT2 and it would be great to take part in your project.
We gave our own server capacities and we rent hosting services also.
To date we are actively following, checking and supporting the functioning of the Iron Fish, Humanode, Massa, KYVE, Starknet, Sei, Sui nodes.
We also participated in the Aleo, SSV, Subspace.
We have anough knowledge and experience to give you a detailed feedback about your node’s functioning.
We would appreciate an opportunity to participate in the AIT2.
To contact my contacts:
Discord: olegbimoleg#4829
my server 4/8/200 gb
English and Russian
I would be grateful to everyone if you vote for me :v: