Validator NauUA

Hello, my name is Alex, I’m from Ukraine.
Languages: Ukrainian/English.
Skills: Node runner( Iron-fish, Casper, Frontier, Desmos, Aleo, Minima, Zeitgeist, Compound, Iris, Massa, Hopr, Omniflix etc.), Content Creator(graphic design, art, music, сopywriting), Community(ambassador programs experience(Moonbeam, Covalent, Manta Network, KOII, Bit.Country, Umbrella Network)), Translations.
Open to new knowledge and skills. I want to get the opportunity to communicate with technical specialists and learn from them the skills for developers.

8 vCPU Cores

800 GB SSD
Connection 1 Gbit/s-Port
telegram: Telegram: Contact @Naukhatskji
Discord: nauhatskiy#9334

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