Validator Efrem342

Hi everybody! My name is Nikolai.
I’m Siberian crypto enthusiast who likes crypto industry and WEB 3.0.
I’ m looking for a new experience and for opportunities to earn money.
Now I have installed node Iron Fish on my own equipment which I regulary monitoring and servicing. I also have Minima, Humanode, Massa, Starknet, KYVE nodes which keep functioning.
I participated in Aptos AIT1, but unfortunately i wasn’t selected.
I would like to be the part of the Aptos project and and be of service to it.
I would be very grateful to have an opportunity to take part in a AIT2.
To do it I’ve installed on home server the node
with such characteristics as:
My server and I are located in Russia, in western Siberia. I hope it will be useful.
gmail -
discord - efrem342#1446

I will be extremely happy to see your votes :handshake: