Validator Cerulean

Hello everyone, my name is Cerulean, I’m from Asia, my main occupation: pilot of Cessna 172, Airbus A319, Robinson R44 helicopter, etc. (the disease is so bad, it’s making me forget what the sky feels like). I joined Crypto World last May 12, a week later on 519, I think we all remember it vividly, I feel very sad as a beginner, but Crypto World attracts me very much and makes me learn new knowledge every moment. Time goes by and a year has passed. I have been in contact with programming for about three months, and it is very attractive to me. I didn’t expect that a lot of our common software would be made up of lines of code, so I did a lot of learning, and I still don’t understand a lot of things, but I really like to learn knowledge every day. For example, aptos node running, not too embarrassed me, I consulted a lot of former tutorials, let me run smoothly, I like this feeling of success, but also met a lot of friends who are willing to help others, the community is very harmonious. I really like it a lot. Of course I will continue to move forward, not only aptos, there is a lot I need to learn, I want to meet friends, wish you all the best ~