Urgently Find a Way To Remove Gas Fees in Web3

Whenever I used to go to the bank to deposit money or send moeny , i was charged fees for the service.
I recently read that blockchain was meant to remove these kind of traditional bottlenecks that users faced.
Unfortunately in web3, there is still something called gas fees.
Yes gas fees.
I find gas fees ridiculous and complicated to work or even just to calculate them or how uts calculated.

Tbh, i feel that sending money across blockchains should NOT cost a fortune nor should buying a token have additional “hidden” monies called gas fees.

Gas fees should be insignificant or not there . Transactions in web3 should be like sending an email… all i need is Internet connection.

A frustrating problem with most smart
contracts is that layer 1
transactions incur the same fees as layer 2 transactions. Why this pain ?

As a project owner in Aptos Ecosystem, whats your view about this conundrum?

Thank you


Awaiting the seniors to say there openions

Gas fee has been part of the crypto space. The feasible of it is that we can try to bring it to the lowest. But removing totally might not work or pose a threat to crypto

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YA dumayu chto plata za gaz dolzhna byti dlya razvitiya proyektov inache ya ne ponimayu zachem oni nuzhny yeshche

Возможно, вы имели в виду:

Я думаю что плата за газ должна быть для развития проектов иначе я не понимаю зачем они нужны еще

I think that the gas fee should be for the development of projects, otherwise I don’t understand why they are still needed

I think GAS cant will be Free

My concern too as I posted here How to overcome high gas fee?

please check it out and give some feedback!
thank you @dvdesiat