Updates on bitcoin etf educative purpose only 👇

#BTC - market analytics

From what we understood, or rather they told us, “ETF is approved, the news is fake, this is how the market is now, it’s all manipulation and we’re going downhill,” but I see the situation differently, it’s likely that after a while it will turn out that the news is really true and it took time to confirm

In addition, I will repeat that we have been consolidating in a wide range for half a year and for 2 months in the range of several thousand, observing periods of completely low volatility

Now the price of #btc will most likely fluctuate in the range of 27500-28500, after which I expect the absorption of this shadow of the candle with a true movement towards $30,000, we will still trade preferably from #long-a

Most of all, I like how alts behave, the dependence on the influence of #btc is gradually subsiding, so most likely I will trade them more often


Fake news & scam pumb


Hmmmm. I don’t even know what to say yet

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nice analysis info thanks


Very fake news but i belief ETF will be approved as well


Big fake news, kill long short

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I can’t believe that hh
It’s really fake news :unamused:

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Yes bro, agree with u

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