Updated statistics for Galxe Campaign (Aptos Quest)

Summarizing the key points of the


Fundamentals campaign on



  • 143,000 participants
  • 260,000 minted NFTs
  • 22% of the total users minted all three quests
  • 26% of the participants are new users

If and only if Aptos Labs decided to reward participants and users who interacted with the campaign, I’ll bet my net worth that there will be some kind of catch to caught sybillors off guard.

Do what you want with this info!


Crazy stat. It seems like only a fifth of the total users are really interested in Aptos. Thanks for your work.


I could complete only two quests out of three


some I heard due to verification error or timing. so we only had 3 quests ??? i thought it will be 4 as they say the whole month in December dragging till recent times.


interesting stats


I learned about the Galxe quest way to late to participate in the first two quest and the third refuses to verify. Been trying since Jan 24 to verify the 3rd but it won’t. Tried again before coming here and it says ending soon so I guess I will just miss out.

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damn thats a bit crazy ngl 22% …