Upcoming underdog airdrops!

Whats up guys, here Ill hit you up with some promising possible airdrops that you shouldnt miss!

Nansen: This guys raised 80 MILLION $ from vcs, so its a MUST do. All you gotta do is join the waitlist and wait for them to confirm you, inviting friends gets you up in the list.
Nansen link: Join the Nansen 2 Early Access Waitlist

Smart layer: Theres not really much info about this guys, but they seem to know what they are building and the site is very well made, read somewhere they raised around 10 Million $, and that there would be rewards for early passes! , so again, shouldnt fade this one. This one works by email invitations, so if youre interested just reply with your email and Ill send you an invite!

Smart layer link: Reply with your email so I can send you an invitation ( Thats how smart layer works)


what is it ? :smiley: any summaries of the project ?


yes im excited too

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How can I get positioned?

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For smart layer you just have to create your pass, and you need to be invited via email, so if you still need it reply with your mail and Ill send the invitation. For nansen you just have to sign up in the link. Stay well!

About smart layer there isnt much info yet. Nansen is something like Arkham, useful to track on-chain data!

I think I am already positioned for this two

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I hope they don’t shatter your hopes just like $sei sid