Upcoming Potential Retroactive Airdrops

Here are some upcoming potential retroactive airdrops that you may want to keep an eye on:

Layer Zero: This omnichain interoperability protocol is expected to launch its ZRO token in the near future, which could also lead to a retroactive airdrop.

zkSync: This layer 2 scaling solution is another potential candidate for a retroactive airdrop. The project has already announced plans to airdrop tokens to users who participated in the “Baby Alpha” phase of testing.

Orbiter Finance: This DeFi protocol is built on top of zkSync, and it is also a potential candidate for a retroactive airdrop.

StarkNet : This layer 2 scaling solution is also backed by Vitalik Buterin and has seen significant growth in recent months. An airdrop is not guaranteed, but it is a possibility.

MetaMask (MASK): The popular Ethereum wallet has hinted at the development of a native token, which could be airdropped to existing users.


An insider at MM says they won’t drop, bullish AF for the rest. Over 100 tx on most above so far! LFG!


Nice ones bro, gotta get those tx’s up and be a regular user…

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Thanks for the reminder! Let’s all work together to make sure we don’t miss future drops :star_struck: