Understanding of the second airdrop of aptos

1/ Did you know: Most blockchains implement leader-based consensus protocols to disseminate user transactions for consensus.

However, these protocols create a bottleneck with reliance on the leader.

Let’s dive into how the new Aptos Quorum Store protocol solves this issue.

2/ Quorum Store, Aptos’ Narwhal implementation, allows leaders to include only metadata in their proposals.

This allows data dissemination to happen outside of the critical path of consensus, enabling it to be very efficient and scalable.

3/ In the reproducible benchmarks, 12x and 3x TPS improvements were achieved in consensus-only tests (no execution) and end-to-end processing respectively.

4/ We know from the Narwhal paper that when data dissemination is decoupled from metadata ordering, consensus can exceed 600k TPS with multiple worker machines.

In the future, Quorum Store will scale resources similarly to cloud computing for horizontal scaling and higher TPS.

5/ Learn more about the improvements achieved with Quorum Store on the @AptosLabs blog

6/ Thank you from the Aptos Labs Research team for their research and development contributions.