Unblocked trivia game

[11/1, 8:07 AM] Akomo: JOIN UNBLOCKED EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAYS :tada::tada::tada:.

After signing up at one step and complete 3 Trivia games.

With the follow benefits:
:heavy_minus_sign: Future airdrop (Confirmed)
:heavy_minus_sign:$25 all kinds of gifts cards at every every Quarter of the year.
:heavy_minus_sign: High chance of weekly giveaway
:heavy_minus_sign: Earn 30 UCP (Unblocked Credit Point)
:heavy_minus_sign: Reward immediately on every completed Trivia game.

Seed Raised: $16M
[11/2, 3:57 AM] :heart::heart::revolving_hearts:: 10,000,000 $VEGI for early supporters :green_apple:


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