Twitter Contest. Aptos Ecosystem

Hello dear friends, here is an interesting contest related to Aptos and its ecosystem.
Remember, we promote the project in social networks, and the project promotes us! So let’s do our best, I believe in you community!

The point is, I would like to popularize not only Aptos itself, but also the projects from its ecosystem, and to do this in a beautiful way.
1. You need to make 4 pictures connected in meaning with each other.
1. 1. The first picture has the Aptos logo and any 3 projects from its ecosystem and a brief description of Aptos.

1. 2. For the other three pictures you need to take the three projects you did for the first picture and make a separate picture for each with a brief description.
1. 3. You have to have a coherent idea, you have to represent Aptos as a kind of center, and around it the helpers from the ecosystem.
2. You have to make a Twitter post, with your first image (where you did the Aptos and its ecosystem projects)
2. 1. In the commentary of your tweet, send the remaining 3 images with other projects
2. 2. Also, mark in your tweet @AptosLabs and leave 3 hashtags #AptosEcosystemContest #Aptos #AptosEcosystem

So I can see the work

The best works won’t stay unnoticed - the contest is not official, it’s aimed to popularize the project, so you won’t end up with empty hands

Let’s go community!