Twitter blue vs APTOs Community

Now today I woke up and realize that you can make ton of $ on twitter. My heart and mind start pounding. All you need is around 10k followers. I aint got 10k followers because I was lazy and was not interest in web2. But Shoots. Big mistake. When will aptos start to take out Twitter. We need post, pictures, video and follwers and AD. Advertising is big $. Twitter got scare of web3 and now they start paying out $ to content creator. Elon is smart. I believe facebooks will do the same and so is reddit and all the other web2. All thank to web3 , you guys can make $.
but the guy is paying US dollars while we get crypto. hahaha. US dolllars is much better in your bank account RIGHT? No Aptos is much better. haha
cheers. Go APTO


you can do it bro!

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