Transparent selection of testers

In order to weed out multiaccounts and choose worthy testers, I suggest:

  • use video verification of participants.
  • in some cases, to take into account the user’s previous contribution to the project
  • to allow newcomers to participate in the testnet, that is, not to select participants in the testnet again
  • not to give any priority to influencers (since these are obviously hyped voices or comments and an automatic loss for an ordinary person without his audience in social networks)
  • make a sequence of actions that will complicate the use of multiaccounts (for example, make retweets, create an article, video, bring a couple of referrals, complete a chain of quests for knowledge of the project)

This is not a call to follow precise instructions, this is just an example of what could help, in my opinion, honestly select testnet participants. The format and methods can be changed.