- Building the Most Powerful Aptos Explorer

TraceMove is a powerful blockchain explorer and analytics platform built for Aptos, and we are ready to support Aptos Mainnet from day one.

TraceMove Roadmap

We proudly bring:

  • Line chart on Homepage;
  • Syntax highlight & fold/unfold;
  • Txn detail info display optimization

Read more about details for TraceMove here:

TraceMove can only be improved with Community

Introducing our official Discord Channel for TraceMove Test it out and let us know your feedback :two_hearts:


Interesting roadmap


I agree with you

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1 . How do we test?
2. What “powerful features” come with this explorer ?

For me, i want see the transaction details quickly without having to read stuff for minutes…

Thank you :clap:

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Alright! Will try go through it in order to have more understanding… Thanks :+1:

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Hello, @dvdesiat

Thanks for your reply :grinning:

To answer your questions:

  1. Go to
  2. check out the tx details design

This is much helpful. Will jump and explore it

:fire:TraceMove Bugs fixed:fire:

  • Changed the “Module” data field to “Creator address” in the coin detail page to avoid potential confusion for our users and the address hash can direct link to the address detail page
  • Fixed the “asset menu cannot unfold” issue

Try it :crystal_ball:

:fire:Your Trace Move Updates - 24th October :fire:

  • Concrete module link in URL
  • Filter out unverified coins from the coin list

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