Делимся актуальными активностями для аптос дропа

sharing everything we have - for activity on Aptos * Project Name / Organization

  • Project Description: Goals, Plans, etc.
  • Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem
  • Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline
  • Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation
  • Technical Architecture Overview, if applicable
  • Key Risks & Challenges
    делимся всем что у нас есть - для активности на Aptos

Martian Wallet opened cre3 in a hurry to complete tasks :wink: this is the link just click :point_right:t2: CREW³ | The #1 operating system for web3 communities

Luck :point_right:t2: Martian Wallet opened crew3 ✅

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