- The Aptos NFT Marketplace

*** Project Name / Organization** - The Aptos NFT Marketplace

*** Project Description: Goals, Plans, etc.**
Buy, sell, collect, and display. All the things you would expect from a modern NFT marketplace. We’re empowering creatives to deliver compelling experiences with a blazing fast, Aptos-native Marketplace.

Launching Q3 2022. In the meantime, play with our and user submitted test collections on devnet.

*** Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline**
Live on devnet now! Then testnet. And then… MAIN.

** Technical Architecture Overview, if applicable**

** Key Risks & Challenges**
We get Topaz hands and it makes it hard to code.


Hey! Thanks for sharing your project here :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

I’m curious to learn more from your experience building on Aptos Devnet so far. Might be worth creating a thread about NFT standards for discussion?

That could help as we iterate our system for improvement proposals (AIPs):

By the way, something tells me your Topaz hands code just fine!


When your hands get hard as Topaz it makes it hard to type. :large_orange_diamond: :raised_hand:


Need more Aptos punks! :wink:


Here ya go.


IPFS is the only way to load registered images.
Is there any plan to address this issue in the future?

I’m just wondering if there are any plans to address this issue in the future?
I would appreciate your reply.

What do you mean? You can host your images anywhere you want.

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Sorry for the lack of clarity.

For example, the speed of loading images from IPFS is very slow.
I assume that Opensea stores the images on the Opensea server and displays them on the market in order to quickly display the images on IPFS.

Is this a solution, that I should not store the images on IPFS?

Also, does the marketplace have a policy to fix this problem?

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Yes, in the future we plan to have a CDN to host images of popular collections to speed up displaying images.

Our priority is an AMAZING user experience!


Hello! I was wondering what current NFT marketplace (OpenSea, Magic Eden, SuperRare, Paras, Rarible etc) you and your team take the most inspiration from? What are a few strategic decisions that current NFT marketplaces have made that you plan to avoid and what are some unique ideas that your team has? Looking forward to hearing more!

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There’s a lot of lessons to be learned from all of the marketplaces. We’re still early but at our core we believe the most important thing is listening to the community, shipping fast & building an amazing user experience.

To us, user experience isn’t just “looking pretty”, it’s how does using the app feel, how can we make it as fast & intuitive as possible etc.

What would you like to see in an NFT marketplace and strategic decisions we should avoid? :slight_smile:


Hi Topaz team, Your values are spot on, especially “building an amazing user experience” as Aptos plans to bring the next billion users into Web3, we are going to naturally see a lot of new folks in Web3. With that, nothing is more frustrating then trying something new and having a horrible user experience (ie original Solanart, nothing against them, the experience was just really poor at the start) . I am not sure if you are already taking advantage of this program, but I would definitely take a look at the Aptos grant program. I am always willing to talk ideas and protocol if you ever need a community member to bounce ideas off as well!


I definitely like what I’m seeing with Topaz so far. I’m also a lover of gemstones so you got me very intrigued with your project. Picked up a few punks which was a smooth process! Keep up the great work.


I like this project because it reminds me of OpenSea vibes, great UI

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Hey everyone, we shipped a bunch of new updates & we’re adding collections now.

Let us know what you think!

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New release!

You can now see every collection that’s listed on Aptos on Topaz.

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New release.

We now show volume, floor and # of unique holders.


New Release

Huge overhaul of the site and re-design. Let us know what you think!

Aptonauts? :crazy_face: would be great to see them.

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Remember the Aptosaurs! Wen Martians?

Aptos kittens though… :face_holding_back_tears:

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