Topaz - Bluemove killer?

Hi , community , recently I made a post about Blue move`s dying. So if one NFT Lauchpad dies, we need to find another one , so In my opinion this “another Launchpad” its Topaz , this project a little bit harder for community,but they didnt make a Bluemoves mistake and didnt start make NFT Lauchpads everyday with noname collection. They choose a real good projets and u can always check , which NFT project will be on this Lauchpad .
They didnt have a lot of launchpools but here is statistic:
Project------------------------------------Mint price----------current lowest price
Aptomingos(whitelist only) -------------- free ------------- 47APT
Apetos Apes(whitelist)-------------------There is no current info---------3.29APT
Pontem(whitelist)------------------------free----------------launchpool today.



It`s true!

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Thanks , a lot

Both project are cool and have own place i think

How much money should the project be supported by?

Check my previous post

It’s sad but True. @dpe you have raised a valid question :+1: :+1:

Also more about the aptos ecosystem, if you want to share your opinion, then you are here =)