TOP Project on BTC Blockchain

:paperclips:Titan Meka.
:heavy_minus_sign: project by sugaR (, big man (!). guarantees free-mint. 0 royalty. clear art and high flor.
he’s a jethinker, waiting for a full gem from him. follow
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:paperclips:Probably Orange
:heavy_minus_sign:enes ( - the same manager Komichi prepares the cannon. from his personal track we can only understand
Lo saplay, cute art and a little overlock. project is in its early stages, keep an eye out.
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TIR 2.

:heavy_minus_sign:early btc project, signed good infles. by bio we can understand that the project is only 20 percent ready
So some more empty shieldposting will have to be seen. watch out
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:paperclips:BTC Checks | Bitcoin Ordinals
:heavy_minus_sign: remember CHECKS ( on ether and how they took off. so this is their derivative on bitcoin,
not a bad hype, quite inflov and cool design. it all looks very cool, keep an eye out.
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TIR 3.

:heavy_minus_sign: long time picking up momentum, so just teer3 , cute artics, memes but something is missing.
Free-mint declared, so it’s possible to podegen, watch out.
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:paperclips:The Miniatures :orange_square::black_large_square:
:heavy_minus_sign:The project has 2 semi-known types working in TBDkitchen, the pluses are the exit to strong Influencers
They may well rock the project, it’s too early to evaluate, we’ll keep an eye on it.
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:heavy_minus_sign:Good degeneracy with birds, there are already a couple of infles on board though only 2 posts,
If the free-mint is so great – stay tuned
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already posted

:paperclip:Bitcoin Mechanics
If they announce the launch, it will be a sweet deal
I got 7 whitelists for myself. DIOR
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Waiting for the mint but the asset is already clearly lame. hope bts will live to see their mint.
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I can’t wait for the mint but I hope the bts live longer with the mint.
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