Top Dogecoin Dev Issues Major Warning to DOGE Army

Prominent DOGE developer and one of the Dogecoin community leaders, known on social media as “Mishaboar,” has taken to the X social media platform to share his crucial warning with the DOGE army. In particular, he addresses those who just joined the DOGE army recently.

NEVER share private information or send money (!!!) to “influencers” promising you access to special channels on Telegram. These kinds of scams are more and more common, and come from X handles that might even happen to have very big and popular crypto accounts following them.

“Warning for newbies” from DOGE developer

Mishaboar warned Dogecoin users never to share their private information and not to send money to those who call themselves “influencers” as they lavishly promise access to closed channels on Telegram in return for that.

The developer reckons that this type of scamming crypto users is spreading quickly and widely at the moment. When it comes to the X platform, these self-proclaimed “influencers” may even have other big and very popular X users among their followers.

Mishaboar insists that the fact that they may have well-known accounts following them does not necessarily guarantee their legitimacy. Besides, he added, those “well-known accounts” may also be scammers themselves. He them slammed Telegram harshly, stating: “In fact, keep this in mind: Telegram = Hell.”

At the start of this month, Mishaboar also warned Dogecoin users about Dogechain. In his X post, he mentioned a letter that many DOGE holders had received, which urged them to withdraw funds from Dogechain.

Mishaboar did not dispute the legitimacy of that email. However, he highly recommended that users do not click on various links attached to the email in order to avoid phishing attacks. Instead, the developer advised, users should type “dogechain dot info” into the search field of their browsers themselves. He stated that the .com domain of Dogechain had been spotted being involved in scam activities.

Dogecoin faces tremendous transaction rise

As reported by U.Today over the weekend, Dogecoin had demonstrated a staggering surge in the number of daily transactions; they exceeded the one million level on the chart.

This was the second largest spike in daily transfers; in June, it surpassed the two million level. DOGE cofounder Billy Markus had commented on that, believing that these immense transfers were down to users sending a lot of Ordinals (known as Doginals within the Dogecoin community) and DRC-20 tokens.

This token standard was launched in June this year, right when the two million transaction spike took place. By the transaction peak over the weekend, Dogecoin managed to surpass such leading cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

However, analyst Ali Martinez believes that such a massive spike in transactions was likely due to the growing interest in DOGE from financial institutions and whales; the volume of those transfers surpassed $100,000.


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