Today's NFT minting

Hey you all people, I just want to say what I think about today’s / yesterday’s experience with that drawing. I am thinking it was f…ing awesome! Even my girlfriend told me that is the first time ever she has seen anything interesting happening in web3. 250k people drawing together, unforgettable.

Let me move on now. I think it’s time to reinvent web3. Time to move on from geeks and AMMs, swaps and APRs, or NFT speculation. We did a really cool thing today/yesterday, and tomorrow we can discuss Biden vs Trump, do bets, and mint funny NFTs on both, or what’s the best world set up. That will be the power of community, that might draw even more new people.

There could be any other topics, like airdrops or layerzero, funny penguins that farm the airdrop farmers, or geeks that try to decentralize something non-decentralizable. Most importantly, it might be true and interesting to people, not trying to lure people into sending f…ing USDC to each other via phones instead of using banks (while USDC depegs once in a while and yields less than treasuries).

Maybe I am a psycho, and all here are after money, but guess what, money is what comes with community. On top of that, money is still not the most important thing (friendship etc - most web3 people are quite lonely).

What I can say: I changed my mind about Aptos today, and if I get dropped anything I won’t sell (unlike other projects). It might be doing the right thing, that ex-FB guy understands that tech is nothing, people is everything. Cheers.


Yes, that’s why there is a strong and strong community behind the aptos


Aptos will be huge

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