To succeed at airdrop hunting, you need to have money

Airdrop mode has changed, as the debut of (ICO) in the blockchain realm was clearly and succinctly demonstrated. Indirect research into the methodology used to apply the idea of an initial coin offering (ICO) in the creation of a blockchain business reveals that many participants earn six figures from airdrop participation with just a dollar. Many new testnet projects creating a significant network in the blockchain community immediately adopt this strategy in order to gain more funds while building. The introduction of ICO is the reason why some projects are able to stand. I can confirm the fact that such a strategy is excellent and that it enables new potential airdrops to use it to find active participants via testnet, betanent, and mainnet.

Hunting for airdrops is a good idea, especially for projects building their own network or based on Ethereum, Binance, Aptos, and Solana, Base, Zksync, and Arbitrum.


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I think in the same way mate !!


To succeed in anything, you need money. This is a good read.


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Also, testnets have become a waste of time…


Yes, I couldn’t agree more. I think that current market conditions play a significant role in this however. Cash strapped projects aren’t going to give great rewards to testers in this low liquidity market that will be dumped any way. This is not a good business strategy for a start up. Better to wait until the markets are flush with cash and then distribute to users that will frequent the platform instead of dumping and moving on. Platforms like Zealy, Galxe, Link3 , etc also do harm to communities by redirecting community output to their sites with the allure of rewards that are worthless NFT trinkets that keep members engaged with the hope of future gains that will never come by presenting endless time consuming and demanding tasks that leave the user feeling like there has to be something in this for all the time and effort that they have put into doing these silly tasks, when there is NOTHING!!! This takes the pressure off of
the teams to incentive meaningfully and puts the community in a position to be mercilessly farmed! Sad but true.


More money you have, more money you get. Recent airdrops are very good for whales, not for little fish like I am.


I humbly accept such summary because you hit the main factor.

For sure the era of airdrop farming with testnet is obsolete to earn from crypto drop nowadays required capital.

Very strange. But all good

The more money you have, the easier it is for you to earn - it’s true

totally agree with you

money is power