Three Decentralized Mail Protocol you should be interacting now for juicy airdrop

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Traditional Email is vulnerable to Phishing Attacks, Spamming by marketers and it has Privacy concerns to Web3 customers with regards to communication. For the web3 user traditional mails are nightmare for Anonymous communication between Web3 users. As web3 brings solution to every problem, there are three decentralized mail protocols that allows fully anonymous and encrypted P2P communication and rewards its users for reading relevant content in their inbox. Today we will sign up to get potential rewards for being early adopter of these protocols. this could be big in upcoming bullish days.

  1. Ethermail
  2. Dmail
  3. mail3

1. Ethermail

Ethermail is one of first mail protocol, it has raised around $7M from different 9 investor including known names Tim Draper associates, Celo and Flow. Good news is ethermail is in beta and you can Claim your free Web3 Email & get 250 EMC token upon sign up. Eventually, these EMC rewards will be converted to $EMT. The EMC : $EMT conversion rate will be defined at the time of token.


  • Connect your Ethereum Wallet and sign

  • you will get welcome page, click next
  • enter secondary email id and click “next”
  • Hurrah You get 250 EMC (Due to bug you won’t see rewards but you will get it)

  • Now click on upper right corner profile button and then click on “Alias”

  • Now you will get a option for your registered ENS, unstoppable or freedomain to select as default mail id - enable it as per your choice

  • That’s it > you are Done

2. Dmail

Dmail Network is a multichain decentralized mailbox that provides private era for users’ communication, collaboration, storage, tokens, and NFTs.
Dmail have raise three round of fund at the valuation of $10m. Dmail is in beta and so it is completely free to mint dmail domain NFT (over 11 character) on EVM chain (BSC, Polygon, Celo, Zksync era), solana, worldcoin, Sei, Internet explorer and starknet. As per chain, Dmail will expand to more chain.


  • Go to Dmail
  • Select the chains and wallet you want to connect with Dmail

  • Once you are connected, you have by default

  • Now, Click on Presale, Search your Domain Name 0ver 8 character (Free) and click on “Lock and Buy”

  • Now select network and click on confirm. (make sure registration price to pay should be zero) & Sign transaction.

  • Congratulation you are in!!! you get 500 points as well
  • Click on NFT market in menu - you can see your minted domain. click on Bind

  • that’s it - you are registered.
  • you can try it on multiple chain like solana, starknet & Zksync Era
  • Now click on gift box (upper right icon), try to send mail to other user using different chain. you earn points for each mail you do, who knows reward points may will be converted to Dmail token in future. Visit everyday and Mail.

3. Mail3

Mail3 Postoffice is the decentralized autonomous organization owned by the community to govern the protocol development, the collaboration between interested parties, and so on. Along with, Dmail and Ethermaiil, mail3 is aiming to be the best decentralized mail protocols that allows fully anonymous and encrypted P2P communication. Mail3 Supports ETh, Zilliqa, Solana and Flow chain for now.


  • Select Chain and connect wallet > click sign > click check > sign again
  • If you have ENS, SpaceID or you can set that domain as defalut address on custumize your Email adrress page.

  • Click next and set Avtar > click next and you are all set.
  • There is no reward points on Mail3 but early user may get some airdrop at TGE.

That’s all folks
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