Thoughts on Crypto regulation // War against Bitcoin

Thoughts on Crypto regulation

  • Not pro-regulation but anti hypocrisy.

  • A lot of people want no regulation at all which is fine as it’s a principal stance.

  • People like Brian Armstrong want regulations in some places and not others as it aligns with his benefit.

  • Coinbase will have to register as a securities exchange but then everything on their exchange will have to be regulated as a security as well.

  • If all exchanges got regulated and had to allow only regulated securities to trade it would lights out for crypto.

  • A lot of exchanges and big projects have been pushing for CFTC to be the regulator instead of the SEC-to have lighter regulation.

  • SBF, Coinbase, a16z hire and send a lot of people to DC to lobby in their interests.

  • It’ll be interesting to watch what projects and exchanges do without SBF lobbying for them anymore.

What the race to avoid the war is:

  • 10 million Bitcoiners-people who truly believe in $BTC-from the U.S., are invested deeply in it and would go lengths for it are necessary to win the war.

  • The current number is 50k-100k, if the adoption race is won bitcoin could dominate money by 2035-40, if not it will have to be rebuilt and could take upto the 2100s to enjoy freedom and prosperity that BTC brings.

  • Whatever anyone can do to push BTC further helps the mission.

  • The governments, banks and non-bitcoin crypto needs to be converted or crushed for this to happen.

  • Anyone pushing adoption in El Salvador or building privacy tech in other countries also gives more time to get to 10M Bitcoiners in the U.S.

  • Adoption everywhere is important but the one country it matters the most in is the U.S. as it can then coordinate other countries as well.

  • Defi and crypto innovation will always muddy the water for BTC and not push it forward.

  • A lot of people generally settle into “What is money” and attack people’s perspective of money to convince them about BTC.

  • 95% of the people don’t understand Bitcoin the first time, they have to be hit with multiple messages and with the same message multiple times.


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