Things to always bear in mind in the crypto space

Now that the bull season is upon us, I’ll advice that you be more careful of what you do, links you click and where you connect your wallet.
There’ll be many scam airdrop links flying up and down.

Please. Don’t get your retroactive wallet compromised o.
Treat that wallet like a goldmine.

Also, do not overfarm!
you will likely run out of gas and energy.
Mostly, airdrops are not promised, farm at your limit so that if anything happens, you’ll keep going!
Don’t waste funds overfarming unnecesarily.
I personally don’t do everything

Also, you need to diversify you funds. Don’t put all your funds in one wallet

Don’t share passphrase with anybody no matter what! Don’t even share it with me :joy:

Lastly, airdrop is not the only way to make money in crypto. Try to gather liquidity as much as possible so that you can be able to buy some potential coin that can change your life


Wym do not overfarm anon ser chad bro?
I discarded my mental health just to be sure i make it this bullrun.

I run out of gas? I borrow from the bank, my friends and family till i can’t
I run out of energy? I kill myself with glucose and kool-aid. dfkm

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Well detailed

Why I go share passphrase with you b4 :smirk::yawning_face: