The Truth About The Latest Layer 1 Blockchain And Solana Killer!

Prior to its launch, there was a lasting rumor that Aptos is Solana’s killer.
Probably, because Solana provided a more scalable infrastructure than Ethereum which used to be the ultimate for smart contracts.
Now with Aptos building with a more flexible programming language than Solana (which uses Rust), it is expected to do better.
Another reason is due to its stated 100,000 TPS while Solana can only handle around 60,000.
But is Aptos better than Solana. I guess it is too early to judge.
Let’s give the new blockchain some breathing space.

And are the millions of APT tokens airdropped to investors, worth anything today?

Well, yes, considering that they received the tokens for free and an APT token is priced at $9.282 as of this writing (October 27, 2022)

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