The tools that I use for reaserch

I wanna show you one of crypto forums that I use for analysis and research.
DUNE is the crypto space where everyone can prove themselves using your best. Each article on the platform includes a huge number of graphs and diagrams.
I I’ll tell you how I use this tools in the example. The first, come and get acquainted with the functionality of the platform.
Search what you need and choose “Favorites” and “All time”
Consider the eighth most popular article about Arbitrum - One of the diagrams shows the number of transactions of each wallet. Only 3.5% of all wallets have more than 100 transactions. I think who are chasing retrodrop understand what I mean.
All charts are updated automatically. That is, even articles that are more than 2 months old are still relevant.
I hope you spent these 2 minutes usefully.


Awesome. A job well done mate.

Very useful :+1: congrats :clap: