The team needs users not only for the distribution of tokens!

Hello everyone. And good to everyone. And now I would like to share my opinion on the distribution of tokens within the framework of retrodrop, as practice shows, retrodrop only helps to draw attention to the token for a while, a lot of hypocrisy flows in social networks of this type as (aptos is the best, aptos is the most, aptos is the future …) but 90% of such posts I would attribute to begging :rofl: I met such a post in which they proposed to introduce a criterion for admission to the community and what do you think this criterion looked like? They suggest not to join the team if you don’t have 10 APT​:person_facepalming:t2::male_sign: This is unthinkable, I’m sure it was suggested by a person who was not deprived at the first distribution of the drop. Cheer for the friends team, not for possible tokens.


Nice piece


Let’s continue to hope for the best