The suiswap airdrop will be a scam

So if you don’t know suiswap in an decentralized exchange but on Sui (like pancakeswap if you want) and they are going to join the mainnet in few days, but this mornig they chose to increase the time limite for the french chat (the time you have to wait between your message, and for the airdrop you earn some points by speaking in the discord) (so 2min instead of 1) why because the french guys were like 40% of the top 100 and then because they are to strong or i don’t know what they choose to be unfaire with them so i speak with some french guys after that and they are all going to sell their token after the airdrop (so in this project the biggest community is the french one you just have to see their rank ), but here is not the problem, the real problem is when a team is not fair with a specific community without any reason (because they don’t know why they add this time) do you think you can trust this team who is unfaire like that ?

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