The story of crypto

It is impossible to deny that Bitcoin is the king of digital currencies.
The effect of bitcoin on the market is like the effect of gold, dollar and oil on the global market. Currently, all digital currencies are affected by Bitcoin.

At the beginning of the emergence of Bitcoin, it was only possible to buy and sell it.
Bitcoin was not scalable, it was slow and had high fees. In a word, the Bitcoin market was not very valuable.
But new currencies emerged and the game turned.
New projects and companies entered the world of digital currencies.
With the advent of Ethereum, scalability reached its peak and now people and companies could operate in the blockchain, create games and launch their own projects and ideas in various fields.
Slowly, the name of digital currencies fell on the tongues and people entered this wonderful and dangerous world to understand it better.
With the increase of users, the growth graph of new projects, especially games, increased rapidly.
Sandbox and Decentraland games started a revolution in the online gaming industry.

Digital currencies became more and more attractive to people, but this was only one side of the story.
Fraudulent projects, thefts and hacks were the dark side of the story, which made many bankrupt. Many people who entered this market with the desire of high income and becoming rich overnight, quickly left the game empty-handed and with heavy losses.

In recent years, with big companies and famous people joining the world of digital currencies and the rapid growth of projects, the crypto market has become more powerful and widespread, to the extent that the World’s major economic powers consider Bitcoin and digital currencies a threat for the global economy and they did not and will not spare any effort to destroy it.
It remains to be seen what direction the world will go in the coming years and what the future holds for digital currencies.

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