The state of Aptos as it hits this interesting milestone

Aptos achieves a significant milestone with 1.5 million transactions in a week. Active addresses thrive, and new user sign-ups surge, showcasing growing engagement.

Aptos has hit over 1 million weekly transactions in the past week.

Aptos (APT) has been buzzing with heightened activity over the past week. The transaction surge has propelled the network to achieve yet another significant milestone. The burning question is: How have other crucial metrics responded to this exciting development?
Aptos shared an exciting update on 5 July regarding its network’s transactional activity. There has been a remarkable surge in transactions in the past few days. The total number of transactions has skyrocketed, crossing the impressive milestone of 1.5 million in the past week.

A closer look at the daily transaction figures showed a range of intriguing numbers. The lowest recorded transactions hovered around 178,000 to 179,000, indicating a solid baseline of activity. On the flip side, several days witnessed transaction volumes exceeding 200,000, with the highest peak reaching 230,000.
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