The role of meme tokens in a bullish ecosystem

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Meme tokens have been known to drive the greater adoption of ecosystems by encouraging an inflow of investors who know too well the ability of meme tokens to pump massively thereby creating mind blowing investment opportunities.

With the global adoption of shiba inu and doge coin as the beginning of the meme token narrative, many other meme tokens were created and these were attractive to non web3 users who were excited about the opportunity to flip investments and make life changing money.

What do you think about the meme token narrative? Will $#PEPE take over the meme narrative? or will doge and Shiba remain the kings of meme tokens.

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I think $pepe could survive, but still difficult to challenge $Doge and $Shiba.

Most of other memecoins created recently, however, will head to relatively zero.


Keep it simple

Pepe might have another run but it’s going to dip for now

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don’t fomo, you will lose if fomo