The Question of True Decentralization

One of the key criteria for choosing validators in AIT2 was the decentralized server location.
In this topic, I would like to speculate a little on this topic and ask a few questions.

Probably, the main question will still be what is decentralization? is it the choice of a non-popular data center? Selecting a data center in a different country (i.e. a matter of different jurisdictions) ? or is it more a question of covering the entire planet with nodes for a higher connection speed?

Let’s say we are talking about the distance between the nodes, in this case you need to choose a server at some distance from the generally accepted usual service providers. This causes side effects such as connection speed and quality of service. What is the most important selection criterion? Maximum bandwith of 100 mbps/s with a better geographic location or a quality server, but with a trivial choice of location.

Thus, I would like to bring more clarity to this issue and understand the priority of the criteria.


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