The perspective of $APT on a long run

Aptos ecosystem has been showing phenomenal results in all field of its functioning. And huge amount of Aptos followers wanna know what to expect from the project and will it be valuable in the future, driving the price of $APT up?

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Hoping for the best outcome
If team wont stop, we may easily see $15+ per token


There are more affecting factors for price.
You should first look the supply that are on market and also the marketcap.
How much can goes up and how much can market goes up.
We need more factors for guess the price.
I really believe that Aptos can be in top 20 in 2023
So look the price and also check the distribution chart that when locked Aptos goes unlock.



As described above plays a role Tokenomics, turnovers and other aspects, I know for sure that if the market will go at least 2 trillion dollars, as it was in 20-21 year, Aptos will certainly take a niche near Sol,Avax, I will not talk about the exact numbers and it makes no sense. The functionality that we have at the moment, already gives hope, not to mention what will happen in a bull market


i agree on that :100: