The New Normal!

We see a lot of threads today. We see the old fashioned thing become new. We see the rejected thing become accepted.

But what is this thing?

It keeps coming,
It keeps thriving,
It keeps growing.

Some try to kill it but it grows more, because it is antifragile.

But what is this thing?

It is cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is new normal. It was previously rejected and kicked against but it kept on thriving, even in the bear seasons.

It is now accepted, it is the new normal.

What do you think of it? :thinking:


There is a money economy in the world and it is not easy to change it. However, everyone will set up a block chain one day and will be in a very different position as early access providers.

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did you pay for food using crypto recently? no? :person_shrugging:

not a new normal. yet.


it is the future my friend. Mimicking the growth of Fiat Currency, Internet, Smartphones.


Position yourself well before the blast of crypto


Changing the world :earth_americas: order

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My friends have actually done this

It is :100: changing the world

I am positioning myself well. Not fading

:100: true. Is the future. Great comment