The Max Validator

Hello everyone! My name is Max and I am the creator of the eponymous blog The Max - Telegram: Contact @themaxblog :alien:

I am an active participant in the nodruner community. I’ve been doing nodes for more than a year and a half. During this time, I managed to participate in a huge number of projects, starting from the top ones - Solana HOPR Near Moonbeam, also in many Cosmos projects (such as Sei, DeFund, Umee, Archway etc).

In addition, I actively share information about the Aptos project in my community: Telegram: @themaxblog /// Telegram: Contact @moneyflowchat , where I talk about the project and its features.

I want to take part in AIT 2, because I believe that thanks to my experience I will be able to cope with the task at a high level, and I will also add a great project to my resume!


Wow! I’am ur follower :star_struck:


Very nice man, gl Max in AIT2


Good moorning and good luck, bro!

Nice man! Good luck in AIT2 <3

hello max! Good luck in AIT2 :alien:

huh funny! I been following you for awhile aswell!