The major challenges of getting an airdrop

Guys, let us use this opportunity to describe the major challenges we faced when we were farming for our first ever airdrop and our first reaction when we finally got the drop. This will go a long way to encourage some of us who are yet to get an airdrop.

I will go first,

So then, I had the issue of funds but I was still able to do the ones I can and leave the rest. Some of My friends always made fun of me because they thought I was just wasting my time since I was always on my phone performing tasks like an Ant but a few believed in me. Also some of the tasks were psychologically draining. I also experienced bad network which made task performance very frustrating.

My first reaction when I got the drop… I shouted “wow!” then tears rolled down my cheek because I remembered all the pains I passed through. Then I remember smiling afterwards, converted a some of the drop (about 30%) and gave myself and those friends who believed in me a treat in a nice restaurant, after that, I went shopping got some new cloths, shoes, self care products etc hahahaha and did other fun stuffs!

Never believe people who say crypto money is easy money, it’s always painful to make money here but when your reward comes you will always forget the pain. It’s always worth it.

Never give up!

Your turn guys… Let’s go describe your experience


this is encouraging, I’d say^_^.
looking forward to this


Great story. Persist if you believe.


this was an inspiring story…wagmi!