The importance of building and supporting Arab digital societies

The Arab market is thirsty for constructive Arab societies, This is because, due to the closure of many old classic forums, the Arab user has become very limited in the places where he can be present to talk about specialized topics of interest to him, and he has no choice but to social networking sites. As a foreigner, there are too many communities and forums for everything, so that you may find more than 10 digital communities for the same topic or specialty, and each of its users is different from the other.

Hsoub I/O, for example, is a popular Arabic alternative to the foreign Reddit community, as it employs the same idea of ​​sub-communities (or Subreddits) to gather interested people around any field they want. Today, Hsoub I/O receives tens of thousands of visitors per month, and there are many discussions and posts of personal experiences and topics in various fields that are published every day.

We repeat the use of the word “constructive”, and this is because it is not enough to create a digital society. Rather, a process of sounding, follow-up and supervision is necessary to make it a society that interested users want to join. Building digital societies may take years to bear fruit, but the size of this food will be large if it matures, as we explained in Our article this.


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