The genesis of aptos, everything you need to know, educative purpose only 👇

Aptos is an innovative public blockchain (proof of stake) developed by former Facebook employees, with a primary focus on delivering high throughput and robust security for smart contracts developed using the Move programming language. By utilizing a Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus mechanism and the Move language, Aptos establishes itself as a highly secure and scalable Layer 1 blockchain solution.Aptos has made significant advancements in its consensus protocol, now operating on its fourth iteration called Aptos BFT. This latest iteration boasts the lowest latency and the most advanced features developed to date. Notably, Aptos BFT separates the consensus and execution processes, resulting in optimized authentication and streamlined data structures. These improvements greatly reduce transaction execution time. A key technical feature of Aptos is its utilization of parallel transaction execution, enabling exceptional scalability.Unlike traditional blockchains that employ serial transaction execution, where transactions are processed one after another, Aptos adopts parallel execution. This approach allows multiple transactions to be executed simultaneously by capturing a snapshot of the current state and processing them in parallel. While serial execution ensures transaction status confirmation, it inherently limits scalability. Aptos addresses this limitation by employing parallel execution, significantly enhancing transaction throughput.The challenge with parallel execution lies in preventing different transactions from interfering with each other. Aptos has made notable progress in this area and currently reports impressive results on its testnet, with over 20,000 nodes and a transaction processing capacity of 10,000 transactions per second (TPS). Aptos aims to achieve an ultimate goal of 100,000 TPS. However, the actual attainment of this goal and the network’s stability without downtime will be revealed once the mainnet is launched and


the network’s stability without downtime will be revealed once the mainnet is launched and operational.


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