The Genesis of Aptos Building the safest and most scalable Layer 1 blockchain

Today is the genesis of Aptos. Our mission is to create universal and fair access to decentralized assets for billions of people.

Aptos is a new, independent project to fulfill our vision of delivering the safest and most production-ready blockchain in the world.

While blockchains have come a long way, it is no secret they are still rife with danger and confusion. The decentralization movement struggles to reach escape velocity because reliability, safety and usability can not be taken for granted. Collectively, these problems hold back adoption, from the average individual to the largest enterprises in the world. A new Layer 1 blockchain is needed, one that’s aimed specifically at solving these problems. Aptos was designed with an emphasis on absolute safety, extensible scalability, and credible neutrality — values that we know firsthand and viscerally understand.
Aptos will be built in part on the technology we developed in the open over the past three years. Aptos is using Move, the safe and reliable language originally developed for Diem. The ideas we conceived then are still relevant and will serve as an important foundation for a safe, scalable, upgradable Web3. Our plans for decentralization and permissionless access are progressing quickly and will be developed in the open.


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